Our Diversity is a gift from God-Bishop Kukah

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto diocese,Most Rev Mathew Hassan Kukah has assured Nigerians that our country’s diversity is a great  gift and blessing from God and that our  real problem is not our  diversity but the inability of the ruling class to manage and balance our diversity.

Speaking as the moderator and Chief celebrant of the just concluded 2016/2017 Veritas University Opening Mass and Staff Retreat,the Bishop regretted a situation where Nigerians do not put God first as the anchor of our unity and togetherness even as “God is often the last person to hear about the blessings and favour” that he has bestowed on us individually and as a country in general.

He buttressed the divine fact that God is everywhere,but Nigerians are not taking advantage of his divine presence to manifest his purpose in our public and private  lives instead we have allowed a new religion that preys on our fears to take effect.

Dr Kukah,who also serves as the Pro Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council,Nassarawa State University  spoke on the topic “Catholic Education: Running a University in a depressed economy” urged Veritas University in particular to “Think clearly and creatively about how to organize a new economic order that is all inclusive and delivers dividends of democracy to the Nigerian People”. He asserted that many of the current crisis in the country was caused by the lack of access to the basic necessities of life by the masses.

On his experience as a member of the erstwhile Oputa Panel,he affirmed that the panel deliberations was the best University that he ever attended as he discovered during proceedings that that every conflict has an history but that there was always little correlation between the  devastating impact of a conflict with the issues that provoked  it.  

He sees   Veritas University(The Catholic University of Nigeria) as a veritable platform that was specifically established by Nigerian Bishops to lead the way in a two- way town/gown interaction meant to develop and implement  sound perspectives on what Catholic and Christian teaching should be in the different spheres of human endeavour. The Bishop urged staff to be proud of their contribution to the making of the only Catholic University of Nigeria and  concluded with an admonition that it is impossible to  experience the glory of God and remain an unbeliever as the medium in which we validate our divine experience is as important as the experience itself.

In His welcome remarks,the Vice Chancellor,Veritas University,Prof Michael Kwanashie welcome the august visitor to the University and assured him that the high hopes of the Church in the University is not misplaced.He declared that the idea of inviting Bishops to moderate the annual staff retreats and celebrate every  session opening and closing Mass was a way of renewing and re-emphasizing the noble ideals of the founding fathers of the University. He described Most Rev Kukah as the most appropriate prelate to moderate this year’s edition as he is an embodiment of all that is right and noble about Christian intervention in the governance of our country.