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Science Club


The purpose of SCIENCE CLUB is to promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the scientific world throughout the college and local community. The area of emphasis shall include bacteria,virus and other necessary microganism, chemistry,  and much more. The club shall seek to foster the type of honest skepticism that is necessary for life long learning.
        The purpose of this science club is also to develop your interest in science, to introduce you to a variety of scientific disciplines and to develop skills in fieldwork, research and project presentations. Members will provide help as you develop your project and will be an audience when you practice  oral presentation of your science project. Peer review is extremely useful.

  • The objectives of science club are as follow
  • Stimulate interest in science activities among students.
  • Enable students to carry out self directed activities in areas of interest in science.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop initiatives and creativities.
  • To create awareness of the importance and potentials of science in all students of the university.
  • To allow the students to develop and build their talents naturally.


  • Educational visit to important science based     companies
  • Organizing seminars and workshops
  • Organizing Science fair where science project is being executed.
  • Broaden the Information Technology of the members
  • Develop IT talents that can face global challenges.
  • Make presentations of your science projects to the members of the science club

Membership Requirements

Membership of the Science Club is open to all students expressing interest and enthusiasm for science. Members must attend 50 or higher percentage of meetings to retain an active member and voting privileges.

You do not have to be a Science major or minor to be part of the club.  However, you must have an interest in the sciences and be ready to participate actively.

No student who meets the membership requirements of this section may be denied membership on the basis of departmental/college status.


Meetings are intended to inform members of upcoming activities.  Members can also bring up ideas for new activities.  The club usually meets at least once a week on a day and time convenient for the majority of the members.  E-mail is sent to all members prior to the meeting and a summary of discussion is sent out immediately after.