Extracts from the 5th Letter by the Vice Chancellor, Rev. Fr. (Prof) Hyacinth Ichoku

8th Convocation Ceremony Press Briefing


It is my special honor to congratulate all our staff, students, and our parents/sponsors for pulling off this remarkable second semester of 2019/2020 academic session in Veritas University. It has been indeed a most challenging period which has drawn out our inner character of resilience and tenacity. With the submission of the scripts of theory part of online examinations which ends by August 12, our second semester of 2019/2020 which was threatened by Covid-19 will come to a successful end. We congratulate especially our ICT team that built the Online examinations platform from scratch and powered it to the end. It is a feat that few universities have been able to achieve and some had to hire ICT companies to do it for them. We are grateful to God we are counted among the few that not only did it but did it with our internal resources. It is in our character as university to be creative, responsive, and resilient.

Lectures for 100L Batch B and 200L Transfer Students:

As the theory part of the examinations end by August 20, 2020, the University wish to inform the 100L Batch B students and 200L transfer students who did not take their first semester examination, because they did not start lectures on time, to get themselves ready as they are expected to complete their first semester lectures online any moment from now. This includes all the 100L students who were admitted after December 2019 and the 200L transfer students who missed out on the first Semester examinations. The Director of GST and the Heads of Departments are kindly requested to ensure that no student is left out. The Director of Academic Planning (DAP) in consultation with the Director of GST and HOD is to prepare the time table for these lectures and the examinations.

400L Online Project Defense:

According to approvals made by the University’s Senate on August 06, 2020, all final year students are expected to begin their Project defense online as soon as they finish the theory part of their examinations. The Deans and HODs are expected to liaise with their external examiners to schedule these defenses as soon as possible so that they do not delay the release of the results which has been fixed for September 20, 2020.

Evaluation of Online Lectures and Examinations:

The ICT team and the Veritas University Online Education Committee (VOEC) have carried out preliminary evaluation of the online lectures and examination in order to identify the key achievements and challenges arising from these exercises. Some key lessons have been identified. We are now in the process of carrying out a comprehensive evaluation of the entire exercise and compare with international best practices in order to identify the key challenges that need to be addressed and areas Veritas University need to make further investments both in infrastructure and human resource training. We shall appreciated students, especially those in 400L, documenting and sharing their personal experiences of the online lectures and examination, what they missed or did not miss during the period. They should mail it to the Chairman of VOEC (essienj@veritas.edu.ng) or the Registrar (registrar@veritas.edu.ng). Parents and sponsors are also invited to make their observations and suggestions available to us through the above email addresses. These comments will go a long way in assisting Veritas University Management for improved performance.

Balance of Fees for 2019/2020 Session:

Following the Veritas University Policy of allowing parents and sponsors to pay fees by semester and following appeals made by some parents/sponsors for extension of time to pay the balance of their fees, these requests were granted and the time will expire on August 30, 2020. We sincerely appeal to parents/sponsors who have been granted these extensions to enable their wards sit for the examinations to kindly honor their commitment to the university to enable us sustain the running of the university.

Mode of Lectures for Next Academic Session:

With the current level of uncertainty in respect to reopening of universities in Nigeria, Veritas University is planning for both a continuation of online lectures and physical contact lectures and a combination of both. The final decision will be taken by the University’s Senate depending on the trajectory of Covid-19 and whether Government lifts the restrictions on physical reopening of universities. If government does not lift the restrictions on physical re-opening of universities, Veritas University will continue with online lectures for at least the first semester of 2020/2021 academic year which will begin in October, 2020. If government lifts the restrictions we shall most likely have a mix of online and physical contact lectures in which different streams will come in at different periods to take physical lectures and continue online at home for another period.

Admissions for 2020/2021 Academic Session:

Veritas University Admissions into the various programs of the University (Undergraduate, Post Graduate Diplomas, Masters and PhD programs, Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB)) have commenced. Prospective students should go to the university website www.veritas.edu.ng download the university’s admission form, complete and return to the Admission’s Office through Admissions@veritas.edu.ng. Enquiry, calls and text messages about admissions could also be directed to the Office of the Registrar, Veritas University Phone Numbers: 0803-955-5681; 0803-897-1084; 0813-375-8488, 08093988303 Candidates may also want to send mails to: registrar@veritas.edu.ng; duruc@veritas.edu,ng or admissions@veritas.edu.ng. Work is currently going on our admission portal and we expect it to be ready for use by August 25th, 2020. From that date, we expect all our admissions to be processed seamlessly through this portal. Prospective students can apply whether they made Veritas University their first-choice university or not, provided they have the required qualifications and for Undergraduate Program, they scored 170 and above in JAMB examinations. By the policy of our Founding Fathers, Veritas University admits every academically qualified person, irrespective of gender, ethnic nationality and religion etc. Also, according to the vision of our Founding Fathers, Veritas University makes high quality university education affordable. In fact, it is one of the most affordable private universities in Nigeria today.