847 Students Matriculate in Veritas University, Abuja

History was made on Saturday, February 29, 2020 as Veritas University matriculate 847 students for the first time in its academic history. This marks the beginning of bumper admission for Veritas University. The 12th Matriculation Ceremony commenced at 9:10am with the celebration of the Holy Mass, which was celebrated by Rev. Monsignor Sasa of the Department of Philosophy and concelebrated by about 20 priests.
The Rev. Monsignor Sasa called on the matriculating students to key into the Veritas University structure, avoiding all forms of actions that may go against the University's rules and regulations, stressing that “this is the only way to go if they want to be successful”. He pointed out that this year's matriculation was very unique owing to the fact that, the University was witnessing the largest number of matriculating students. He called on lecturers too, to kindly mentor students, which is part and parcel of the University's policy. “Students on their part must make themselves available for mentorship. Students must watch-out against all forms of actions, like coming late for functions, examination malpractice, drug/substance abuse, and absenteeism from lectures”, he added.
He advised that the matriculating students must not complicate their story by joining group of students whose stories where already complicated. They must work hard so that at the end, the Vice Chancellor will not lie when he shall declare some of you worthy in character and in learning. Monsignor Sasa pleaded with parents who were in attendance not to turn the hand of the clock backward by helping their wards to forget the formation they have acquired in the University.
After the mass, everyone moved to the Matriculating ground - the Multipurpose Hall. The activities there started with both the National/Veritas University anthems and the opening prayer at 11:24 am by Rev. Fr. Dr. Martin Onukwuba. Fr. Martin also made a brief presentation about the University's prospective projects, calling on all who were present to support the University in achieving the projects.
On his part, the Vice Chancellor, Rev. Fr. (Prof) Hyacinth E. Ichoku, welcomed parents, guardians, sponsors of the students and as well as friends and well wishers to the occasion of the 12th Matriculation Ceremony of Veritas University, Abuja and congratulated the matriculating students on the occasion of their induction into the university. “I congratulate all our matriculating students on the occasion of your induction into the university. From this day, you have become bonafide students of Veritas University, Abuja; and believe me, when I say that you have made the best choice of your lives to be trained in the Catholic University of Nigeria.” “Let me assure you that this University which is a project ordained by God shall keep its side of the deal to mould and form you within the next four years of your lives into responsible graduates. Veritas is a highly disciplined institution with zero tolerance for indiscipline. As some of you have experienced over the past few months of your stay here, we take serious exception to infractions of the University’s rules and regulations and will not hesitate to apply the necessary sanctions for cases of misconduct and general bad behavior” he said. “To this end, we have adopted a zero tolerance for drug and substance abuse. This menace is not exclusive to Veritas University. It is prevalent in other public and private universities in Nigeria. However, at Veritas University, we have put in place a system to check not just the abuse of drugs and other banned substances but also the flow of these drugs amongst students who use them. The university has spent a lot of money to obtain the latest drug testing kits to enable us to conduct random drug tests on students. Recently, we have had to apply the full weight of the rules and regulations of the University to expel students who engage not only in the abuse of drugs but also operate as the sellers and distributors of these substances” he informed the public.
Prof. Ichoku assured parents, guardians and sponsors of the matriculating students that the University Management will do all in its powers to ensure that the students were not only train in academic knowledge but to decent human beings. “At Veritas, under my administration, we want to ensure that our students are not only taught the theories of their respective courses but that they are exposed to the professional aspect of their chosen disciplines. Hence in the course of their trainings, they shall have the privilege to be taught by seasoned practitioners such as former ambassadors, permanent secretaries of government, as well as various captains of industries who shall pass on their practical knowledge and experiences to the students in the course of their study at Veritas University.
After the Vice Chancellor's speech, the matriculating students took an oath before the Vice Chancellor, pledging their total respect and co-operation with the University management.
The Vice Chancellor declared the 12 Matriculation closed at 12:08pm.