Veritas University, Abuja trains Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff on the use of the University's E-learning Platforms and Enterprise Mail


In a bid to further address the challenge of physical meeting of staff and students in a classroom setting due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic and as part of the University's annual orientation for staff, Veritas University, Abuja organized a three day and one day training for the University's teaching staff and non-teaching on the use of all E-learning Platforms and Enterprise mail.

The training, which commenced at 10:20am, at the University's Multipurpose Hall witnessed an opening remarks by the Vice Chancellor Rev. Fr. (Prof) Hyacinth E. Ichoku. Prof. Ichoku welcomed staff present, while noting that the training was coming at the time the whole world was looking for avenues to address the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. He encouraged staff to make use of the golden opportunity, as they learn new skills on the use of the E-learning tools and information management/confidentiality.

The training focused on; an overview of all e-platforms in use within the university, G-Suite for Education and Enterprise mail. The first day of the training exercise was dedicated to presenting a general overview of the portals and e-platforms currently in use at Veritas University, while also demonstrating how the tools in the G-suite for education account can be used to the benefit of both teachers and learners. The instruction class was meant to give participants a clear idea of what to expect in the subsequent days.

The next three days were solely practical sessions held at three separate ICT laboratories at Veritas University. In this session, the participants were put through a demonstrative lecture of the capabilities of a G-suite for education account, after which they would practice by attempting to replicate the actions carried out by the facilitators. The training exercise came to an end for the academic staff members by 3:00pm on Wednesday, 7th October 2020 and non-teaching staff on Thursday, October 8th, 2020.

The grand finale of the staff orientation on Friday, October 10, 2020 witnessed a talk on “Character, Values and Work Ethics” by Osita Ogbu, Ph.D, FNAE, OON, Prof. of Economics and Director, Institute for Development Studies, UNN and MD/CEO, African Development Solution International…the knowledge broker.