Cultural Day at Veritas University, Students troop out to showcase their Heritage


In recognition of the critical role of culture in societal development, the students of Veritas University have set a day aside as part of the annual student week, to showcase the rich cultural heritages of the most populous African country, Nigeria. In what seems like a carnival, different cultural troops appeared in colourful processions to represent the over two hundred and fifty ethnic groups in Nigeria.

With graceful dance steps to the rhythm of the local songs and the accompanying instruments that fascinated the spectators, the students brought an euphoria that relieved everyone from the stress of academic activities.

Cuisines from different parts of the country were on display as well. Across the northern regions, down to the southern parts of the country, varieties of local Nigerian delicacies were served. It was a scene that creates a nostalgic feeling in both students and staff of the university.


Recognizing the importance of culture in its diversity remains a key variable to ensuring sustainable development. This is why ensuring global commitments to the preservation, protection and conservation of all cultural and natural heritages, is a priority to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-UNESCO.

Report by Enuwa Obekpa, Acting PRO, Veritas University Abuja